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With delicate designs, Blingvine brings to you the best of necklaces online that are power-packed with sparkling beauty, classic patterns and top quality polishes. Step out in fashionable necklace designs each time you head out!

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Necklace Sets by Blingvine

Necklaces are one of the earliest known pieces of jewellery. When anyone thinks of a piece of jewellery, a necklace is the first thing that comes to mind. Most women are familiar with the variety of necklaces available online. The variety of designs and materials is so diverse that it sometimes gets a bit too overwhelming.

In the past, beautiful necklaces were a symbol of culture, class and status. The beautiful gold necklaces were worn on special occasions by women of a certain class. Then came pearl necklaces made popular by royalty and aspirational class. And finally diamond necklaces became the ultimate luxury.

In modern times necklaces became more of a fashion accessory than status symbol. Now days these jewellery pieces are essential fashion accessories. With their evolving use came the shift in necklace designs.

The evolution of artificial necklaces has created many new choices of designs. Diamond jewellery is now replaced with american diamonds and their beauty is unmatchable. Gold plated jewellery has taken the place of gold necklaces. It also comes with rose gold, yellow gold and white gold polish. It lasts the same and is even more practical. Semi-precious or artificial jewellery has replaced fine jewellery for all practical purposes. Same changes have taken place in other jewels such as earrings, bangles and bracelets.

These days most women prefer to buy necklaces online that are suitable for daily wear. These beautiful necklaces are affordable and come with luxurious designs and impeccable finish. So it is way more practical to buy these as fashion accessory rather than investment pieces.

To make it easy for you to choose here we've listed down the top necklace styles along with the occasion and outfit. Also remember to go through our top tips for finding the right necklace set for you.

Best Necklaces for Girls

When you are young, you tend to keep it light in accessories. So pendant sets are perfect fit for your office or casual meets. If you want to make a statement, get yourself a party wear american diamond necklace set. For something out of the box, let's say a girls night, enamel pieces are bound to draw attention. Choker necklaces or layered necklaces can work well for casual outings. They are also perfect for dates or office wear.

Best Necklaces for Women

Gold plated jewellery used to be the staple for most women. But there's a significant trend towards american diamond jewellery sets. The crystal necklaces come with coloured gemstones. So these colors make them good to match with your sarees. They come in both choker necklace as well as chunky statement necklace styles. On the very traditional side there’s mangalsutra. You can also checkout beaded necklaces along with traditional gold necklace sets. When it's with the kundan and meenakari work you can find very trendy gold necklace designs. Another style that's recently becoming a bestseller is enamel and mother of pearl. These beautiful necklaces with contemporary styling go very well modern outfits.

Jewellery Sets vs Only Necklace

Always buy the sets whenever it's available. Then it's your choice to wear it as a set or not. But if you buy single pieces, you might find it hard to get the same match at a later stage. When it comes to unique designs of gold necklaces, it’s always better to buy them with matching earrings.

Necklace styles for occasions

As always it's important to find a necklace set suitable for the occasion. For example if you are going to a wedding function, you can wear a heavy american diamond necklace. But if you are heading to office, stick to a simple pearl necklace or a gold chain necklace. For dates or other casual occasions, experiment with enamel and mother of pearl sets. We also have some beautiful necklaces with seashell work that are bound to appeal to a fine eye.

Necklaces for saree

Only a woman knows what it takes to get the perfect matching necklace set for the saree! There are usually a ton of things to consider. You can choose your jewellery depending on the saree. It's important to consider the neckline you are going for and find a perfect necklace set to compliment the neckline. You can go with precious gold necklace, a semi-precious or pearl necklaces. Pearl necklaces with saree tend to give a more formal or classy look. American diamonds very practical when you want the shine but not the worries. The high quality american diamond necklace look the same as diamonds. And you don't have to worry about dropping your earring while dancing.

Necklace for gowns

Depending on the gown you should either go with only earrings or a statement necklace. There's no in-between because you are trying to make a statement with that gown. We've seen celebrities often wearing beautiful crystal necklace sets with gowns. A well matched piece of jewellery with your outfit can truly make you look like a diva!

Blingvine Necklace Sets

So jewellery sets are fine pieces of accessories to create wonders with your outfits. A fancy american diamond necklace set and boom, there it is. Your OOTD! The elevation that a fashion necklace for women can give to your whole look is still unmatched.

Fashion jewellery is always progressing. We have come a long way. At Blingvine, we offer variety and quality in our collections over everything else. Variety comes from newer designs and quality comes from our integrity as a business body. We are always trying to bring our customer’s idea to reality. So that whenever you are looking for an accessory piece that suits you, we have it in store for you.

The demand for imitation jewellery is growing. Now the demand is for jewellery that mimic the colour and quality of gold, silver and platinum pieces. Gold plated necklace sets come to the rescue here. If you are someone who wants diversity in your jewellery, we've got you covered. Especially when you find it tough to pay a hefty sum for accessories that you need 7 times a week. It's more practical to buy a gold plated necklace that gives you both, the feel of gold and the design you wanted.

We, at Blingvine, come with premium accessory pieces that do both for you. Not only do we have what you need, we are sure that we have beyond that. Jewellery that looks designer. And it carries the style and statement of classic gold jewellery sets.

If you are entering the festive season or the party season without a necklace, halt right there. We got something for you to check out. Yes, it is our collection of beautiful necklaces. Designed for women who wish to amp up their look and add more variety to their collection.

While shopping for yourself or for others; nothing is as grand and meaningful as a necklace for girls. It conveys emotions in style and speaks for itself; all the things we want with our accessories.

Check out our collection of necklaces to pick one for yourself today!


What are the different types of necklace design online?
Here are the most popular necklace designs that you can find online:
  • Choker necklace sets
  • Long necklaces
  • Pearl necklaces
  • Gold plated necklace sets
  • Classic pendant necklaces.
Depending on what suits the best with your outfit, one can choose from the categories. The above categories have a reputation of going well with almost every OOTD.
How durable are artificial necklace sets?
Artificial necklace sets and artificial jewellery can be very durable if built well. At blingvine we use strong alloys of metals like Copper and Brass. These materials are well known for their strength and longevity. Moreover the polishing or any kind of work done on our pieces is quality checked at every stage. That's the reason you can expect your blingvine pieces to last for a long time! If maintained properly, our artificial necklace sets can last for several years. And without any hint of being worn out even as a daily wear jewellery.
Where can you buy the best jewellery necklace set?
Blingvine holds the internet's most exclusive collection of fashionable necklace sets. Our jewellery pieces are perfect for a special event or for daily wear. You can be assured of first-class quality when shopping with Blingvine. We get your favourite jewellery delivered to your doorstep with free shipping. You also get cash on delivery payment option and one year warranty. Our designs are loved by bollywood celebrities as well as social media influencers!
How should we store gold plated necklace sets?
Gold plated necklaces for girls are becoming very popular these days. They are as loved as the real gold necklaces. The gold plated necklace sets do need the same amount of care. So that you can maintain their flawless design and shine. Remember one golden rule for keeping your gold plated necklaces as shiny as the day you bought them. Always keep them in airtight bags, containers or boxes. Remove them before being in contact with water, sweat, perfume or even makeup products. This can increase their longevity and help their shine and colour for years.
How do I find necklace sets online in India?
A necklace set is one of those classic items. It can pair with your black dress or or a gorgeous lehanga. If you are hunting for the best of jewellery sets in India, shop at the house of Blingvine. An online jewellery store that crafts necklace sets and other artificial jewellery items. We maintain our top quality standards with extreme care and delicacy. Blingvine ensures that the customer is only delivered the finest of jewel items.
How do I take care of my necklace sets?
Taking care of your brand new necklace sets is as important as it is to wear and carry them well. After putting them off post your big event, you must wipe them off with a dry napkin or towel paper. This removes all the oil that might have gathered on the surface of your jewellery set. Remember the golden rule of storaging your jewellery. Always store your jewellery items in a cloth lined air tight container or bag. This is to prevent contact with air. Additionally, it should be the last item you put on and first item you remove. This is to minimize the exposure of any chemicals in makeup or perfumes.
What are the latest necklace designs?
Necklace for women have always charmed a woman’s neckline. It has been a symbol of royalty in its own way. The latest designs of necklaces include pieces like Maharani Crystal necklaces. Other popular designs are pearl necklaces, gemstone necklaces, meenakari necklaces and choker necklaces.
Things to keep in mind while buying artificial necklace sets online?
It is a common myth that artificial necklace sets are flimsy. Some people believe that they can never be as durable as the necklace sets made by real precious metals. But, that is not the case. The artificial necklace sets of today use tough metal alloys and long lasting polish. The beautiful designs and variety of designs make this segment extra special. So, the next time you are thinking of buying an artificial necklace set online, think of high quality. Expect nothing but the best if you choose a store like Blingvine.

Top 10 Trending Necklace Sets Price List

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1. Enchanted Necklace Set
₹ 3,800
₹ 6,000
₹ 3,800
2. Milky Way Necklace Set
₹ 3,800
₹ 5,600
₹ 3,800
3. Hollywood Crystal Choker set
₹ 3,800
₹ 7,000
₹ 3,800
4. Aquamarine Necklace Set
₹ 2,800
₹ 4,400
₹ 2,800
5. Siya Necklace Set
₹ 3,000
₹ 4,800
₹ 3,000
6. Penache Victorian Necklace Set
₹ 3,900
₹ 6,000
₹ 3,900
7. Taj Meenakari Pearl Necklace Set
₹ 2,000
₹ 3,800
₹ 2,000
8. Classy Necklace Set
₹ 2,000
₹ 3,200
₹ 2,000
9. Midnight Beauty Pearl Necklace Set
₹ 5,400
₹ 8,300
₹ 5,400
10. Symphony of Colors Necklace Set
₹ 4,000
₹ 6,400
₹ 4,000